versalock brand retaining wall and pavers. 

This one was done in Versalock Standard model block in antique grey. The pavers caps were offset to add decor. Yard was regraded for drainage and to show off the block work. 

A good block job is only as good as it's base and drainage. A 12" to 18" base of well tamped crusher run with drainage stone and pipe at base was installed to avoid common water issues. In cases of clay soil on site, sand would have to be brought in to use as back fill to the wall, and drainage stone would be brought up to near the top of the wall. The gutter on the right was ran below grade in front of the wall to 10' past the start of the wall. 

The Versalock block is colored straight through; which is why it was chosen here. The design choices are endless, and the finished product is a very classy look. We also do walls in natural stone, dry laid stone, brick, and block. 


 Roof reshingle 

This is is 100 year old home that had been reshingled over and over again, without ever removing the old layers. After removing the layers down to the base planks, we laid ice and shield paper down, reshingled, reflashed, and installed new drip edging. We use only 30 year or better shingles, and never overlay on top of old shingles. 

Brick paver stePs with Iron pipe Railing

Brick pavers are a classic look that lasts. With a properly laid base of 8" or more of tamped crusher run, adequate drainage, and sufficient bracing at the perimeter, it's a long lasting look that can go without maintenance for 50 plus years. The building material, while inexpensive, is very durable.

The iron railing here is made from iron black pipe usually used for natural gas and propane lines. We filled the vertical piping with mortar to stiffen up the railing and set posts 4' in the ground with concrete. This railing is very solid, more so than many pre-made iron railings I've seen. With proper primer and paint coats as we did here, the railing will also last. 




Church Wall Repair

Undoing the damage done by a drunk driver. Drive safe!

This is a wall from 1800s that was built from stones local to the area. The limestone is partially eroded from the weather, making the repair impossible to match with new mined limestone. The solution here was to remove a section of wall from the back of the property and replace the front damaged stones with it. The repair only took a few days and the stones (after some hand shaping) matched up nicely. We also refaced a few of the stones farther down the wall that were just eroded from age. 

Granite Mosaic Patio

... with recycled materials!

We started with a 75-year-old base patio that had a solid 4-inch top with no cracks.  A large piece of naturally mined granite was used as a solid stone step to provide easier access to the newly increased porch height. The entire porch was re-pitched to allow for proper water drainage.  The granite pieces used in the artisan mosaic pattern are recycled material, saving the customer a significant amount of money.  One spectrum of color (greys and blacks) was used here at the behest of the customer, but any color scheme is possible.  This porch requires little to no maintenance, and adds ton of curb appeal to the residence. 

​Masonry Round Lake- house remodeling. 

Best Choice for Remodeling in Saratoga Springs! 


full Basement Remodeling

...including built in shelving and custom staircase.

All components of this project, from the egress windows, to the generator hook up, to the custom built-in shelves and staircase, were completed by Savvy Custom Builders! 900 square feet of livable space was added to the home, plus several closets, and 100 square feet of additional storage space.

This was a 7 year old home with a walk-out door to backyard already in place. We first set up a sump pit area, new windows with double panes, and fixed the outside yard-grading and gutter lines.  Once the home was safe from water damage, we began the remodeling. 

Mold/moisture prevention measures were taken during remodeling: Interior walls were spaced off the masonry and vented every 8' into the finished area; A Santa'fe Classic dehumidifier was placed in center of the room's utility area to circulate air from one side of the room to the other, as it cleans, and keeps the humidity below 50%.


 Wood work for the project was all completed by hand onsite: custom staircase, built in shelves with poplar wood trim, and poplar wood loly-columns. Even the trim was routered onsite!


By not hiring sub contractors, and hand-making supplies that are regularly purchased (such as the base trim), we were able to save the customer thousands, and guaranty a on-schedule, high quality job!

Erosion Wall & Granite Steps

Here we removed an old, rotting wooden retaining wall that was contributing to the erosion of the property and replaced it with a natural cobble stone retaining wall.  The 80 tons of stone on top of road fabric function excellently as erosion protection while still retaining a charming natural look.  Hand carved granite steps were also added, allowing for ease of access to the river for swimming and boat maintenance, and contributing to the overall aesthetic and natural feel of the waterfront area. As remodeling contractors, we do our best to bring your vision to reality.  Let us handle your remodeling in Saratoga Springs!

Take a look at the video below to see the before, during, and after of this project!

Custom built-inns

Custom made builds inns. Made in house from Poplar wood with Curly Maple tops. Trim was routed with Classic OG bit and entire piece painted and coated in polyurethane.  The tops are joined Curly Maple boards that have a unbelievable amount of character. The wood changes its look from different viewing angles. 

retaining walls 

From small residential to large commercial jobs, we do them all! We have full excavation services manned by Ben Iwinski. The following photos are also his designs. Having a good excavator is a crucial part of a quality wall job. The second most important part of a lasting retaining wall is hydrology. Savvy Custom Builder's owner, Joe Tedesco, was the proud owner of a water proofing company for 5 years. With extensive backgrounds in waterproofing, excavation, and traditional structural masonry, this team is prepared to build you any wall of any type on any site! 

full chimney services

New chimney caps and cleaning

No job is too small for our customers. When on-site for any reason, we do whatever we can to provide maintenance tips that can save our customers money. In some cases, thousands. This simple job prevents animals from entering into your home, and will protect the lower firebox of your fireplace from water damage. If this one had not been repaired by us, there would have been very costly repairs or unexpected guests from above. Caring for our customers' homes as if they were our own is part of what we do!

Concrete sidewalk work

Not all sidewalks are built like these!

The sidewalks below are built with longevity in mind. At Savvy Custom Builders, we build concrete work to stand for generations. A slab or side walk should have a minimum of 4" of concrete and a mix of re-bare rod and mesh. Proper base material and installation can make a good concrete job, a great concrete job. We specialize in constructing concrete to survive in upstate NY.  Our weather serves as one of the harshest climates possible for any construction material... The humidity, heat, and of course, the ice. Only well built concrete work will stand the test. 

granite stone patio with fireplace

A custom built escape in your own backyard.

This one was a customer's vision. There is one pallet of granite here, with pea stone set in a wood border. It's a nice adirondack look. A base of crusher run well tamped will helped with the longevity of this project, along with the gutter line work we did to keep roof water from gathering on the patio. 

Mantle and fireplace remodeling.

Savvy Custom Builders does work in stone, tile, metal, and wood. The first photo was a custom tile job to spruce up a wood mantel. Below that photo is a 50 year old fire place in need of full restoration. Water had come down from the brick chimney and badly rusted the iron. We fully restored the iron and redid the fire brick inside the fire box to bring this old fireplace back to life. The upper chimney was repointed to stop future damage and a new top cap was installed. The re-tuck inside of the field stone mantel was final step of this restoration. 

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adirondack style pavillions

...And original carport designs

This one is built from solid log beams and sturdy metal roof. 

full chimney rebuild

15,000 lbs of brick needs to be built right.

The top half of this chimney was long overdue for being re-tucked. So long overdue do we needed to tear it down, nearly to the roof line. During the tear down we discovered another reason it prematurely failed. Rather then a sand filled outer shell to protect the brick from the flue's heat, it had been filled with debri from the foundation construction. The new chimney was built properly with all new brick and a proper sand fill. This job was done last minute, and winter weather rolled in early. A fully inclosed, heated, temporary structure was needed to assure proper curing of the mortar. At Savvy Custom Builders, we do whatever it takes to make your your job is done right, and right on schedule! 

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